Thursday, December 8, 2011

Star Wars convention: I was FORCEd to go

Here it is. Star Wars post. Fair warning, this post is long... like seriously long. Like Homer long. Like car rides when you're sitting on the middle hump seat long. Like watching the biathlon during the Olympics long. Like any scene in Family Guy long.  Like anything you have to stay awake through while on benadryl long. Like sitting through a movie when you have to pee really bad long. After writing it/ inserting 10 million pictures, I feel a billion years older.

My love for Aaron was finally put to the test, and I believe it passed with flying colors. I was just a plane and unpopular, albeit normal girl, but after attending a Star Wars convention, I officially crossed into that strange realm of "no longer a cool geek but just plain weird".
And so, the following is a pictoral guide to one of the most bizarre days of my life.

Aaron's mind: I hope she doesn't put this on her blog.
My mind: I'm totally putting this on my blog.
It's all fun and games until somebody is maimed by this guys haphazard use of his light saber.  Come on man... put it away.
Trekky reference   
Seriously... it doesn't get any cuter/ weirder than this.
guy who writes star wars book... or maybe my uncle richard... it was hard to tell. And yes, we did wait in line for Aaron to get his favorite book signed. 
Is it just me or those suits really not very flattering in the... eh hem.... lower region?
It's obvious that this child will never lead a normal life.  
This is Peter Mayhew.... he played Chewbacca, aka character who always yells obnoxiously loud when everybody is in hiding or trying to be sneaky. Well this guy played him... a looooong time ago and now he is very old,  and based off of this picture, possibly dead, and/or possibly an alien.
Darth is holding his light saber like Mulan. Meanwhile that stormtropper is clearly bored out of his mind.
Riding Solo... in carbonite.
seriously... who picks Boba Fett as their favorite character? That's like saying, my favorite star wars character is that one storm trooper. 
Come on, could this be more perfect?
This is the tale, of Captain Jack Sparrow... He must be from the deleted scenes. 
The following is a series of attempts to capture a picture of Julie Benz without having to pay $35 for it. Her security was preeeeetty tight. 

terrible... this could be anybody.



Princess Leia
Ross would be elated.
zero underwear.
Best dad ever. 
Yeah this makes sense 
people are weird (ignore that this is coming from a girl who attended a star wars convention)
Aaron checking out the silent auction. My experience with silent auctions now spans further than fbc allen choir fundraising. 
Billy Dee Williams, aka Lando Calrissian, aka only black guy in Star Wars. 
And because this post was WAY suckier than you had hoped it would be, I will include a Star Wars related conversation Aaron and I recently via text:

Setting: Dollar theater with roommates. There are movie quotes on the wall. One is a Star Wars quote. Michelle says they should have used the quote, "Luke, I am your father". I, having recently been indoctrinated into the Star Wars occult, responded that in the movie Vader does not actually say "Luke, I am your father" but rather, "I am your father". (Michelle had NO reason to know this, as she is a normal person. Do not associate this minor misunderstanding with her intelligence as she is in fact a chemistry major and therefore much smarter than both you and I. Also I'm sure that somewhere in the list of things NOT to blog there is something about not insulting your audience, so sorry to all six of you... I'm sure you are all smart.)

Me: Youda been proud of me. Michelle said that the Star Wars quote they should have put on the wall at the theater should have been "Luke I am your father" and I was like,"technically its just, 'I am your father'". Then nerd guy behind the counter was all like, "right? most misquoted line ever, they didn't even capitalize the Force in the quote they did use." And I'm all like, "WHAT AN ABOMINATION!" and he's like, "yeah, I almost quit but I let it slide." And I was like, "You are not a true fan." And he was, well, he was a little dejected but really happy to have an encounter with a fellow nerd.

Aaron: That's amazing

(at the time I thought he really was re-reading I'm thinking maybe he was being sarcastic)

Me: Yeah then I could see, in his eyes, him imagining a life with me, and I was all like, "dude, I'm spoken for. I've already got my Star Wars geek, and he's WAY better than you."

The end.


  1. If g likes star wars can y'all pretend to be his parents and take him with you? I can't do it.

  2. I miss y'all too. And duh... that's a given. Also, I got reeeeeeally excited when I saw I had two comments. Then it was you twice. Which was still exciting... but not as exciting as two people. And also don't listen to Kelsey... I like your posts about G and T because they are the best ever.

  3. For your information, your Uncle Richard is NOT bald. Yes, he reads your blog (or he did). Making derogatory remarks about your relatives doesn't seem like a productive way to increase readership of your blog. Any questions? You know who to contact!