Monday, April 25, 2011

A man none the less

How do I love Aaron? Let me count the ways... (dreamlike voice with trailing harp).

Aaron hates scary movies so I have to force him to watch them with me because I, like Claire Dunphy, love Halloween and all fear inducing things in the like. And rather than being comforted by him it is often the other way around. He is whispering in my ear through the entirety of the movie things like:

"We could have seen Narnia."

"We could have seen Guardians of Ga'hoole."

"Turn it off Kayla.... seriously turn it off. Please, turn it off!"

He's a man who's not afraid to admit that he's afraid. Gotta love that.

Love others or perish

I read Tuesdays with Morrie tonight and it was really good. I highly recommend it.

Thanks to Susanne for assigning it for class.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Get with it.

Dear bloggers,

Those of you whom I follow have way more interesting lives than me because you at least are married or have kids or something. PLEASE START BLOGGING. I'm getting bored re-reading your old posts over and over till I've memorized them. Don't let me to continue to out-blog you. I'm a college kid dependent on the internet for entertainment so I'm basically hanging on your every word. Start typing... or I'll brake your kneecaps. Okay not really but come on. I'm dying over here. Also, if you don't blog, I will continue to do so and the posts will get continually more lifeless and boring.




It's no secret to those who know me that I LOVE puppies. All kinds, except tiny nasty ratty gross ones. I REALLY love big puppies. Which is why I think every day about how lucky I am to get to spend my entire summer with a HUGE puppy by the name of Landry, even if she is a "150lb, farting machine, compressing your chest until you can't breath and slowly edging you out of your comfortable spot, until you are half way off the couch and forced to move"(see was at Sports Authority yesterday (obvi) and upon leaving I saw this tiny horsebig puppy in the back of a pickup. In the words of Kelsey Carpenter "It's Landry's brotha from anotha motha!"


Thursday, April 14, 2011

As promised

I promised I would post a picture of my Frida costume. Unfortunately when it came time to dress up last night I didn't have it in me to go for the unibrow. This aside, the rest of my face looks pretty good sooooo..... yeah.
First I dressed in a very authentic outfit (borrowed from mexican roommate) that really showcased my latina side. But the dress was itchy. And, let's be honest, I would have been sweating the entire time.

SO...... I borrowed my other roommate's shirt and... voilĂ  (ignore that voilĂ  is french):

Needless to say, fui muy bella. And after an unbounded application of mousse and hairspray, my head was very nearly plastic.

Too bad the party was sort of lame and ended up getting shut down.... which is strange since it was likely the only party last night that was alcohol free.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So there is a group of guys at Baylor in an organization called Zeta Zigga Zamma (ZZZ). They're like a frat only they're not. They throw these parties every now and then which typically have a theme and people typically dress up. I haven't been to one yet because, well let's be honest, I have SO many friends that it's hard to fit a measly party into my schedule. Guys, my social life is like off the charts.

All this to say, there is a party this Wednesday night and guess who is going?Based on my extremely suggestive hints you can go ahead and assume I am.

Because it is the night before Dia Del Oso (for you non-spanish speakers that means day of the bear.... welcome to Baylor) it is called Noche Del Oso (night of the bear) which means.... FIESTA THEMED!!!! And, being a homemade costume enthusiast (see charlie brown and lucy), I am naturally going as Frida Kahlo.

Yeeeah, let it sink in. So pretty.

1. middle part
2. hair gel
3. unibrow (I asked my spanish prof what unibrow is in spanish and he didn't know. I looked it up... it's cejijunta (se-he-hoon-tuh))
4. beautiful flowers for my hair
5. red lips
6. slight mustache
7. unmatched beauty

Pictures to follow depending on self confidence at time of blog post.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I feel like I'm gonna explode.

So.... embarrassing, but since I said in a previous blog that I would be truthful, I'm gonna just lay it out. Lately I've very much felt like I'm in a spiritual desert. Like I'm enslaved in my relationship with God and that I am forcing myself to "participate" in it. Well, I went to Life Group tonight and boy did it live up to its name. I am FULL of life tonight. I always sit and listen to people say, "God showed me this verse tonight and it spoke to me and it was amazing and it was perfect...." well, I never have those experiences. So I'm sure you can guess what's coming.....

It happened! We were worshiping together celebrating new life in baptism (They baptized three women in a truck bed tonight... can you say rednecks? But still amazing.) And so there we are rejoicing in the Spirit and I see in my mind Galatians 4:7. I'm very skeptical about things like this and assume I'm just making up verses and hoping that when I turn to the verse, it will exist.... ya know? So I turned to it and it read as follows:

"So you are no longer a slave, but God’s child; and since you are his child, God has made you also an heir."

Guys.... for realz? I am a child of God and because of this, I am an heir to the kingdom! This feeling of enslavement in my relationship with Christ has been draining me and as it turns out, I am no longer a slave. So I was reminded tonight that being a Christian is supposed to be joyful and fun.

On a lighter note.... I'm like totally an outdoorsy girl now. Look at me on my hiking adventure today! It was really high up so don't let the viewpoint fool you. I could like barely breath the thin oxygen up there peeps. Also, the camera adds 10,000 lbs apparently... it was a bad angle.... yeah, let's go with that.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Maybe I'm just really mature

I went to bed at 2 o'clock last night and when I woke up this morning my entire body hurt. What is up college aged body? Why can't you party hard like everybody else (and by party, let's be honest, I mean do homework) I'll take this as a sign that maybe I'm just really mature. Which means I probably don't need to learn much more in school. Which means I can just go back to bed... right? Yeah.........

And because I don't have a picture, and everybody likes puppies, I have included, for your viewing pleasure, the cutest picture ever.

This is how I feel.

Monday, April 4, 2011

New age procrastination

How did people procrastinate before the internet? When I have an assignment due I can find a number of technological ways to occupy my wandering mind.
I probably hold the record for most times I've reread my facebook and twitter newsfeeds. I get on yahoo and scroll through the current news. I blog hop. I start designing my wedding. I start designing my friends' weddings. I design my future house. I take webcam photos. I write a blog. I change my background. I log on facebook chat to see who is on and quickly log off hoping nobody saw my name pop up. I create a study playlist on youtube. I get sidetracked by funny videos. I consider making a funny video. I realize I'm not funny enough. I text. I download new ringtones. I go to the app store. I download and play like six new games. I pull up a blank word document to write my paper but start writing what I'm sure will be the next great American novel. I quickly quit realizing that I'd have to write like 200 more pages. I open my syllabus for class. I read it a couple times. I open another word document and put my name as the header. I insert page numbers. I type "working title". Then I start the process all over again.

But then I realized... really, what did our parents do? Did they have to be productive (heaven forbid)? I should Google it. I imagine that procrastination looked a little something like the following: reading Huckleberry Finn, listening to records, watching a variety show, skipping rocks, quilting, writing in a diary, talking to whoever you're "going steady with" on the twisty cord phone, fishing at the fishin' hole, etc. Though these seem obvious, we can't be sure they are the truth. Are there any parents out there (said in lifeboat conductor's voice from Titanic)? Can anybody verify these likely very accurate representations of "the good ol' days"? Assuming these are hard facts, life must have been terrible.

So parents, thanks for inventing the internet.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weird maybe, but good.

Of my dad, I'm a really great fan.
On lunch breaks he's outside to tan.
He goes to the gym
so that he might win
award for world's greatest man.

I believe he stayed in West Tower,
a week early he sent birthday flowers.
Flax seed and whole wheat,
He's a dad with great dadly powers.

My mother's the bestest of friends
on her I can always depend,
She loves to help me,
decorate anything.
Her good taste and high style don't end.

Her forte is baked goods and cookies;
in the kitchen she's far from a rookie.
glasses always lost,
toes cold as frost,
She's pretty, just take a looky.

My sister is more than just funny,
She's rich and she makes LOTS of money,
Her hair is like fire,
she wears strange attire,
she's dangerous when holding a gunny.

She makes faces like Jabba the Hut.
And she's got a big bubble butt.
She has jelly wrist,
which I don't think exists.
And she acts like a huge mental nut.

My sister once looked like a boy,
a joke she now doesn't enjoy.
She has a great heart,
and magical farts,
plastic grapes were her favorite toy.

She shops at the store called Lane Bryant
but she's probably their very worst client.
you see she's quite skinny,
she comes in size mini,
If you saw her you'd know I ain't lyin'.

My brother is new to the lot.
He's the only brother I've got.
his shimmy's the worst
in family jokes he's quite versed.
And he wears lots of argyle socks.

He's more than just my new bro,
in hand bells I've heard he's a pro.
he thought I was kept,
in a cage where I slept,
But we met and our friendship did grow.

My family is the very best.
I consider myself more than blessed.
as you can see,
they're weird just like me,
And they're better than all of the rest.