Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My apologies to the woman with the random red letters

So remember when I begged everybody to follow me? And then I didn't really tell you how? And then I looked all over my blog and couldn't figure out how to do it myself? And then youtubed it so I could have somebody teach me? And then realized I didn't have the right gadget on my blog? But now I do? Well this goes out to the woman who writes that one blog with aaaaall the random red words (as if her writing is comparable to the words of our Lord Jesus).

So if you would please join me in looking to the right hand side of the screen (el mano derecho) ---------------------->
There you will see a little thing above my profile that says "follow me like these guys". See the "Join this site" button? CLICK IT!!! And if you don't have any of the 1,000 accounts listed then welcome to the 90s Mr. Banks, it's time to join the world wide web. 

And THAT, Tara Dawn Gross Hummel, is how you follow. 

And because I didn't explain how to do it and it was actually near impossible, but not completely impossible because seven people have figured out how to do it, I've painted you a picture of my face right now as I beg for forgiveness.