Friday, December 16, 2011

Look at my new blog! and by new, I mean the same blog with a face lift and fish!

So I'm sure you noticed that I changed my blog aesthetics. I researched a little, Googling things like "how to have a million followers" and "why doesn't anybody like my blog?" and "Robert Downey Jr.'s giant calves". And it all turned up the same; I needed to simplify the look.
So I decided to change the yellow background that was kind of abrasive to look at and made it white. It was like a scene out of Sleeping Beauty "make it white!" only that kind of sounds like I was playing God because obviously I couldn't just say "make it white" I actually had to change the template. So please don't let the only thing that you gained from reading this be that Kayla has a God complex. If anything, remember to Google Robert Downey Jr's calves. Because seriously, you have to have noticed that he wears bell bottoms in every movie he's in.

Now that I think about it, I probably should have left it yellow because red and yellow induce hunger. So maybe it would have a reverse effect and every time somebody was hungry they would immediately feel the need to read my blog.
Is Iron Man making anybody else hungry?

What's done is done. Also... there are fish.... you are probably watching them riiiiiight now. Look at 'em... just swimmin around like it's nobody's business. If you put your mouse on them they all swim to it. Amazing. Technology these days. Never mind the fact that we have touch screen tablets that tune your guitar, I'm taken aback by cyber fish.

So enjoy my dear readers. And by readers I mean all SEVEN of you. That's right people, I have a new follower, her name is Peyton and if you follow, you too could get a shout out.

The End

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