Saturday, December 24, 2011

You know how you live with something one way long enough and you don't realize it's not normal?

It's kind of like when you come home from college your freshman year and your family is like, "WHOA... spending a lot of time at the cafeteria?" And you are all like.. what? And you don't notice because you live with you every day and you don't have a normal pre-weight-gain you to compare yourself to.
Well that happened to me recently. Not the weight gain thing. Though I'm sure it did behind my back.

I brush my teeth often. Every morning, every evening, and usually after I eat. I recognize that for some, brushing more than twice a day is excessive, but for me... normal. Also I replace my toothbrush less often than I should. Though for the record I DID replace it like two months ago.
Here, is my toothbrush.

 I name a lot of inanimate objects, but I don't name my toothbrush because I don't want anything that has a name to be vigorously scrubbing my gums. That's way too intimate. All this to say, this is my toothbrush.

Now, you may be, or likely are thinking that this seems very normal. And I can say that I honestly agreed with you. Until my sister Erin and b.i.l. Tyler came to town. We are, regrettably, sharing a bathroom and therefore a toothbrush holder.

And now I'm realizing, maybe it's time to replace my toothbrush again....
Erin said it looks like he was electrocuted.
I guess if your toothbrush's reflection in the mirror looks somewhat like Albert Einstein... it's probably time to get a new one.

It also kinda looks like Angelica's doll Cynthia......

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that "Santa" (for all the children reading my blog, when I say "Santa" I mean Santa) leaves a new toothbrush in my stocking.......

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