Monday, November 28, 2011

Under pressure, but not in a sing-song Queen-ish way, more like in a "AM I EVER GOING TO SURVIVE LIFE?!" kind of way

I swear, if I hear "I'm still waiting for that amaaaaazing Star Wars post" from my dad again I'm going to... I'm going to.... well to be honest I'm probably not going to do anything. You know when you put off doing something for a reeeeeally long time and then you feel guilty for not having done it already and then you still don't do it because you feel too guilty. That's how I feel. I was all like, "Guys, no worries, I'm posting soon. Magical posts about Star Wars with photos and maybe even paint pictures." And now I'm all like, "meh." And to be honest, I'm not even sure I ever said the Star Wars post was going to be "amazing".

So here I am.... feeling guilty for not posting.... sitting alone in my room thinking, "homework? naaaah, I haven't posted in FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!" I'm not sure the emphasis I just put on "forever" works as well typed out as it does in my head. But anyways, I might as well say something to tide you over until I get around to posting about Star Wars (which I'll warn you right now is going to be an extremely boring and dry post that makes you long for a nap and a glass of water).

Ergo, a conversation via text message that proves Aaron and I's love and compatibility*

(One should know before reading this that on my ONLY day to sleep in Aaron texted me at 9:30 to tell me Harry Potter was singing in the Macy's Parade so I rushed downstairs (hoping to see the following)
just in time to receive another text that said, "never mind, he finished"... he then proceeded to NOT answer my text messages, thus the following)
Me: What are you doing? What's your family doing? How do you feel? How is your homework? Have you been hammocking? What's your favorite thanksgiving food?

Me: Hello?!

Me: Do you hear me? Do you loooove me? Do ya love me? Do you looooooove me? Do ya love me?

Me: Now......

Me: That I........

Aaron: Jeez

Me: Can daaaaaaaaance




Aaron: Work Work

Me: That's why we are in love**

*I developed a fool proof way to break up with somebody without completely crushing them. You tell them that you should both sign up for e-harmony and if you are compatible and get matched together then it's meant to be, but if not then you will both take it as a sign that you weren't meant for each other and you should date whoever you are matched with. But then I realized, wouldn't it really suck if you got matched to each other and he's all like, "I KNEW WE WERE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!" and you're all like "this is awkward..."

** I obviously don't plan on breaking up with Aaron, we are in love.

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