Monday, January 31, 2011

Death, come take me.

I've had Puffs Plus stuck up my nose for two weeks straight.

I think that my classmates draw straws before class to see who has to sit next to me. Whoever loses looks over and sees used tissues spilling out of my backpack and attempts to hold their breath for the next hour. Then everybody else, feeling obligated after having said bless you once at the beginning of class, blesses me repeatedly to the point where it's getting awkward. I have to blow my nose every minute hoping my classmates aren't getting angry at the fact that their notes have blanks at every point in which I sneezed louder than the professor was able to speak. And on top of all of this, it was decided by the people I work with that no cool people have allergies. So thanks mom for the automatic "uncool" gene that comes by way of itchy eyes and an endlessly runny nose.

Fun fact, in 6th grade we had to pick a comic that we would draw a graph over, resize the graph on a larger poster board and paint what was in each square from the comic to the poster board accordingly. This is the picture I painted. It was amazing. You can ask my mom.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Gotta Catch Up

So my sister updated her blog like ten times today. Which made me think, hmm, maybe I should do that. Also, I never want to be technologically out done by my sister who lives in Arkansas.
So I am posting today. I don't really have a lot to say so, for your enjoyment, I'm doing a phone dump and putting pics from my phone on my computer and telling you all about them.
That's right, you're gonna feel all awkward and trapped like when your relatives sit you down and show you all their vacation pictures and can't remember why that one rock was significant and show you five pictures of the exact same way from a slightly different angle.

Without further adieu my completely uninteresting life in picture form (pics in order of date taken):

This is Tyler, my brother-in-law. This was the first pic taken from my phone. Preeettttyyy.

Aaron held a goat. He's cute... the goat.

This is the Christmas tree from Christmas on fifth. Not as pretty as Tyler, but still pretty.

This is Judge Baylor. He wears a scarf and hat when it gets cold. He's very practical.

Our new ice cream scoop. He's bendy and sticks to the counter #hilarious

This is my boyfriend, and we are in love, obvi.

He's packing heat. Actually it's a dart gun. He duct taped the handle and I spend 30 minutes coloring it black with a sharpie. Dead are now brain cells mine.

Rachel my roommate tried to convince me that sitting in this weird chair was better than sitting on the floor. Then she fell backwards and couldn't get up.

Disco Disciple. Nuff said.

This is my sister Kelsey's body twin. Freaky.

Let's hear it for Jackie! (sung loud and proud!)

Let's hear it for Jackie! (whispered softly, duh)


This is my bestie Trisha. We hung out at the mall. We had a blast shopping for cards and Peanuts themed gifts.

My dad was training for arena football. Then he pulled a hammie and, well, so long Heisman.

The best part about stupid hobbies like fishing is you get a new outfit. Unfortunately this one is Aaron's. P.S. I saw overalls at the GAP the other day. I totes see that coming back. Right?

Every day for like two weeks we looked for this game for a certain somebody for Christmas and never found it. Then, a week after Christmas, there it was, in the teacher's store, of all places. Also, what nerds play this game?
Shout out to muh gurl JuJu.

I started, then quickly ended a new game with my sisters called SOB. Shoes on the bus. I ride the bus to school and see many interesting shoe choices. The following picture is of the same nature.
Minnie mouse was on the bus. Obvi.

The new Social Work building downtown is super swanky. Marble staircase and escalators. Social workers... we're really rich.

These are our swanky swivel desks.

All the boys I work with think that harpooning seals is hilarious. So one of them bought this and put it in the crew lounge. Rude.

My roommate was given off-brand silly bands. Can you guess what they are? Answers at the bottom.

This is Aaron's dad and his sweet rock 'n roll band. It's a more acoustic take on KISS. Because really, do we ever hear about their soft side? Mr. Mize is the tall one.

Sic 'em Bears. Too bad they suck.

Most unfortunate and unfun shopping experience ever. Toilet paper, tampons, eye drops, headache medicine, tissues, deodorant, and soap. Blerg.

Shorty's was applying for a liquor license, I'm guessing it didn't pan out as they duct taped the "cold beer" off the sign.

This is my favorite indoor spot on campus.. It's the hallway to the bathroom in the library. Naturally.

When Allergies Attack

When Allergies Attack at Night

I hope you stuck with it, cause my life is amazing. Obvi.

Silly bands: High heel, princess, snail, castle