Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This is what happens when you tell somebody that you owe them

I needed somebody to cover my shift at Waco Hall on Monday. And as per usual nobody was really responding (aside from Megan who could cover me but would be 15 min. late). So I badgered everybody again with another email and asked if everybody really was busy and couldn't possibly cover for me for ONE HOUR. Well A.J., being the nice guy he is, decided he could cover me. Me, being the naive young girl I am said, "I totally owe you" and he's all like "you can pay me back with a blog shout out" and I'm all like, "Oh brother," and he's all like, "but your paint pics are SO good" (he's right) and I'm all like, "you want a pic too?!" and he's all like, "nevermind, forget I said anything" and I'm all like..... okay I should prob do this for him. I do after all only have like 2 readers. I can't make one of them angry.

So, without further adieu, A.J.

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