Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guys, I'm like seriously hilarious.

Okay so Aaron and I are both in a tennis class together (with my roommate Michelle (shout out!)). Well today he was running a bit behind and the following texting conversation ensued:

Aaron: The line for parking is ridiculous.

Me: Uh Oh.

1 minute later

Me: You're missing it!!! First five people to class got a free pony. I named mine Old Ben Kenobi. It's a girl.

Me: I'm riding her through the tennis courts.

Me: I don't think she appreciates me riding her because she's pretty small... gotta train em up right though...

Me: Uh oh one of the other ponies just challenged Old Ben Kenobi to a fight.

Me: Challenge accepted.

Me: Well that was quick, Old Ben Kenobi just used the force and lighteninged the other pony to death. That was brutal to witness.

Me: Coach took the ponies away. Way to go Old Ben Kenobi for ruining it for everybody. Now you don't even get to see them.

Aaron then walked up to the tennis courts.

Aaron: You're an idiot.

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