Thursday, September 8, 2011

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred terrible song lyrics

Aaron and I got frostys tonight after dinner and he bought, for a dollar, the keychain that gets you a free junior frosty with any purchase. So we got the two small frostys we already ordered PLUS a free junior frosty. Furthermore, Aaron loves to make up songs in the car and sing them as loud as possible. Ergo... the following conversation.

Aaron (singing at top of lungs):  Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred frostys, invisible in the back seeeeeat.

My mind: That didn't even make sense. I'm definitely not dating this guy for his ability to make up song lyrics on the spot.

Me: You couldn't even fit five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred spoons in your back seat.

Aaron: They're all for me, I just need one spoon.

Me: Right, how stupid of me. Either way you could NEVER fit five hundred twent...

Aaron: They're invisible which means there is magic involved.

Me: Being invisible does not mea....

Aaron: MAGIC

Me: You're an ....


Me: I'm blogging thi.....

Aaron: MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He then proceeded to eat the junior frosty and become too full for the small one as well. So much for five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred frostys.

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