Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Parkour War

Aaron and I were sitting in the balcony at Waco Hall today discussing the following

Aaron: If you could jump off the balcony ledge and land on your feet I would give you a million dollars

Me: Easy.

Aaron: Without hurting yourself.

Me: ......

Aaron: There's no way.

Me: Do I have to land on my feet? Because I'm trained in parkour.

Aaron: You plan on jumping off, landing on your feet and rolling don't you?

Me: How did you know?

Aaron: I just knew.

My mind: Can you read my mind?

Aaron: I'm also trained in parkour.

Me: No. Wait, really? Because I was trained in high school and you weren't at the training.

Aaron: I was trained in elementary school. And that was my secondary education because I had pre-k parkour training too.

My mind: He's either lying, or I'm a little bit more in love.

Me: I wasn't really trained, I just listened to a guy give a how-to speech on parkour in class. I lied.

Aaron: I lied too.

Cat's game.

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