Friday, August 26, 2011

Why 8 AM texting should not be allowed.

I'm not a morning person so the conversations I have in person or via text cannot be held against me.

Disclaimer: If talk of eliminating men from the world or sperm donations offends or bothers you.... please don't read this post.

It all began when my sister texted me this tidbit before I headed for class........

Kelsey: Rihanna just had a sex tape leaked. Shocking or just a Thursday...?

Me: Oh boy. What's with the obsession of filming something nobody wants to see? Actually its prob just me that doesn't want to see that.

Kelsey: Yeah there are sick people out there. They're called boys.

Me: If only we didn't need them to keep from extinction. I wonder how long all the sperm in the sperm banks would last us.

Kelsey: Good idea. You pay for the diff sperm. Like homeless Joe would be $5 and Ryan Reynolds would be $5 million. We could stimulate the economy.

Me: It would be a shame to kill off Ryan Reynolds. So do they each have to donate before they go? We need to work out the logistics.

Kelsey: Yeah, But the process of obtaining the samples.... I would not want to be part of that.

Me: Me neither... all the women who voluntarily made the sex tapes with the men have to do that.... they will rue the day they put that nasty stuff on film.

Kelsey: I need to start saving now if I want Ryan Reynolds' babies. U think he's a believer?

Me: Hmmm, well he was with ScarJo soooo, probably not, unless he was evangadating/marrying

Kelsey: Hmmmmm, good point.

Me: Also, based off her lyrics I'm really surprised that Rihanna would do that.

Kelsey: Me too, I figured her more of a disney channel sitcom kinda girl.

Me: Yeah, wholesome... More "that's so raven" than porn star.

Kelsey: Totally. Poor girl. Where are her parents?

I then went on to respond "Africa?"... offensively enough, and Kelsey was kind enough to inform me that in fact she's from the Bahamas. I'm an idiot.

In unrelated news... I got a tattoo sleeve.

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