Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just when I think

my life has hit rock bottom on the likert scale of lame, I discover a new low.

Okay so you know when you show up early somewhere and you have nothing to do so you quietly thank Steve Jobs for inventing smart phones and then pull yours out? And you know that awkward time when you've already checked your email and refreshed your facebook/twitter notifications to the point where you're almost in tears thinking nobody cares about you? And you hope nobody walks behind you and sees that you're googling stupid stuff like the gestation period of any given animal or what Matilda looks like now. But you have NOTHING to do, so you just keep surfing the interweb and trying to use your mind powers to speed up time. Well imagine that ten minutes expanded over the course of an entire day and half.

I moved into my new apartment (THE PACKING IS FINISHED!) thanks to mom and dad. Of course the uhaul contract stated that the trailer must be returned by 7 which means my rents had to leave by 4. So I'm all like, "you suuuuure you can't stay longer?" (with mopey eyes and a quivering lip). And my parent's are all like "see ya later sucker!!!!!" (but maybe more nurturing than that). So I watch them drive away hoping my reflection in the rear-view mirror will be enough to make them stay. Then, when they've turned the corner and feelings of abandonment kick in I walk in my new digs, lock the door and try to keep the fear of being alone for two days at bay.

So here I am in Waco... with nothing to do and no internet or cable at my apt. because they set up on tuesday. And all I can think is, "I really need to get on ebay right now!" "I really need to get on facebook RIGHT now!" "I really need to check (insert store name)'s hours RIGHT NOW!" So I have all this pent up anxiety about when the store closes, and how my ebay auction is going, and who's posting new pictures on facebook, and I realize I must find the internet.

So here I am sitting in the McAlister's parking lot in my car with my laptop crunched between my body and the steering wheel, hoping nobody walks by and sees me googling current Matilda pictures.

P.S. before you say "why not go to starbucks you idiot" please note that I did go there and it was packed so full that all I could see was bodies lining the window.

P.P.S. I wonder if the car that just pulled up next to me knows that McAlister's closes at ten and it is currently 10:01.... apparently not.

P.P.P.S I didn't want to run my battery down or waste gas so I have the car off and the sun-like temperature of my laptop base mixed with the heat inside my car is probably cooking my insides.

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  1. um, hello! come hang out at your neighb's house!!