Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hey remember like five min. ago when I told you my personal hell includes endless packing? And you know how moving is the most involved form of packing ever? Guess who's moving this Saturday?

So my mom thought it would be good to encourage me by "helping" me sort through all of my things. By "help" I mean lay on the bed in the room and make helpful comments such as, "what's in that box over there?" or "Are you sure you want to leave all of this stuff here? We could get rid of all of it and completely clear out your room!" or "I think I'm just gonna go downstairs... you're good right?"

Of course I can't disparage her altogether as she did accompany me to her office to pick up packing boxes and made me chocolate cake... and made ME for that matter.

So I'm not yet to the point where I'm lying defeated surrounded by used school supplies and towels, but I'm getting there.

And... I'm moving into an unfurnished apt. which means u-hauls, broken backs, and tip-of-the-tongue curse words being held in by tight lipped, highly frustrated, jaw clenching family members.


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