Sunday, August 28, 2011

Someday I'm really going to freak someone out. Today I got lucky.

So Aaron joined a fake frat at Baylor called ZZZ. Ask me how I feel about that later. Anyways, he was initiated on Saturday along with a person I'm vaguely familiar with named Richard Ross. He is friends with a girl I was friends with freshmen year who then proceeded to transfer to OU. So sometimes she comes to visit and I hang out with her and we go see Richard. So last time we went to his apartment and listened to some weird music that at the moment kinda freaked me out but that now I'm all over. But I didn't know what it was called so I decided to message him on Facebook (sometimes I confuse message and massage and it would be really weird to massage him on facebook). The message is as follows:

First, you prob don't remember me but I'm Olivia's friend. I'm willing to overlook you forgetting me if you tell me the music you played us in your apartment that one day which you described as something akin to "skyscrapers grinding". I don't remember what it was because I was trying to focus on not reacting allergically to your cat. If you don't remember that then this just got super uncomfortable. Also.... to make it more uncomfortable I take stalker pictures of you, send them to Olivia and tell her we are hanging out anytime I see you in public. She thinks we are best friends (okay not really since the pics are blurry and from far distances). Lastly, just so you have one more connection to make, I am Aaron Mize's girlfriend who is being initiated into ZZZ tonight. Now I swear I'll end this neverending story... did you ever see that movie? Freaky.

I then realized okay he's going to be totally freaked by this but his response was:

Kayla! Of course I remember you!
That epic music which you are talking about is Dubstep. If you went to Klub Kool-Aid last night then you definitely heard me throw down some bangers.
And that's hilarious that you take pictures of me on the sly! Haha. You should say hey though!! And I didn't know you were dating a ZZZ. That's awesome! I can barely move today I seriously have been sleeping all day. I'm not sure what movie you are talking about, but I bet it was really freaky. haha. But, yes please say hey if you see me on campus and I will do the same.

So then I'm all like. Whoa. Respect. This guy must be cool. Or he was SO freaked out by my message that he repeatedly and nervously typed "haha". And I don't think he knows what he has gotten himself into because I am going to say hello to him every time I see him and by every time I see him I mean I'm going to memorize his schedule and "randomly" bump into him A LOT. He's going to regret making that an open invitation.

And I know you want to see those pictures so I will post the one I didn't already delete:

Also: He wears these shorts on a regular basis and is actually quite vogue style fashioned. It's amazing.

Also also: He's 6'9" and a theater major so I can't really compete with that much personality.


  1. This is so RANDOM!
    Glad to hear that he is not worried about you, but after reading this post I am worried about you - Haha.

  2. I appreciate that you comment on my posts :)