Monday, January 2, 2012

Cake Boss

When I changed my blog layout, I said that I had searched how to get more followers. That was a lie, I just wanted an excuse to completely makeover what previously looked like an online charity case.

But now I HAVE researched with "10 Basic SEO Tips to Get You Started", and realize I have been doing everything wrong. So in this post I'm going to incorporate every tip and blatantly ignore their main warning of not incorporating it all into one post (because that's too obvious. and can get you spammed) Cake Boss. 

1. Monitor your search standings
Now guys, don't get too excited, but this is a little peek behind the curtain. You get to see what backstage looks like. Obviously I need to increase readership in Russia, but we'll focus on that another time. Clearly the Cake Boss (Buddy Valastro at Carlo's Bakery) is my number one attraction. So I'm changing my blog to be solely based on the Cake Boss. Cake Boss. 

The number one traffic source link took me to a website about conspiracy theories and big brother listening to our phone calls. If you read my blog then you know this makes a lot of sense because I currently focus on those issues quite often. The rest come from people googling "chicken heart" or readers of my sister's blog

2. Keywords, keywords, keywords!
Be aware of keywords in your blog such as titles, content (Cake Boss), URLs, etc (can you spell that for me Shawn?).

4. Create a sitemap
Done. Cake Boss

5. Search Friendly URLs 
They suggested I change my blog URL to something like but then I realized that maybe that was just an example. And then I looked at my blog URL and I was like, " that's somewhat nonsensical, why did I even name my blog that? You're so stupid Kayla, unlike the Cake Boss". But I'm not creative enough to make my own URL so, here is your chance. In the comment section, you may suggest a new blog URL. But it has to follow the "search friendly" criteria. 

6. Something you aren't supposed to do that I already don't do. 

7. Image descriptions and alt tags 
Guys this is getting seriously complicated. I will now add a photo with an alt tag (that you can't even see because it's all within the html coding)

Cake Boss

8. Fresh Content
You and I both know I've nailed this one.

9. Social Media-tize it
I don't like to sell my blog like that. It makes her feel cheap. But I do have a link to it on both of my SM outlets.

10. Link to others as often as possible

After this I expect this post to get A LOT of traffick.
Don't forget to leave a comment giving a URL suggestion. 

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