Sunday, January 1, 2012


A long time a go I wrote (and blogged) a poem about each of my family members. My mother felt like she was short changed. Then I wrote this longer poem for her but kept putting off finishing it. Well here it is.

Does it get any better than mom?
She took me dress shopping for prom.
For homecoming too,
and banquets, it's true!
She really is quite the bomb.

She gives the world's greatest back scratch.
She's not shy to tell me I don't match.
She knows all my tastes,
Says what's pretty is my face.
To her I am very attached.

Too many doctor appointments she came,
Ortho, dentist, and all others you name.
With tight braces she gave,
the wendy's frostys I craved,
Without her I'd be not the same.

Attendance was one of her strong suits,
For me at my games she did root.
violin concerts,
me in ugly floor length skirts,
She's the best mom I cannot dispute. 

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