Saturday, March 3, 2012

The story of how I was likely scarred for life physically and unquestionably scarred for life mentally

It was a beautiful day. We spent the afternoon hiking the trails of Cameron Park and hammocking on the river side. The warmth of the sun rested upon us as the breeze brushed over our faces. The background noises were of children laughing cheerfully and dogs barking with joyful vigor. All seemed right in the world. 

Then the sun began to hide behind the darkening clouds and the breeze turned into a biting wind. We packed our things and took to the road. It was getting late and our stomachs growled in anguish. We returned to our homes to wash up and headed to dinner. The evening was pleasant but still something loomed darkly over us; it was a dreadful feeling of travesty soon to come. 

Okay but seriously, what I didn't know was that in about 5 hours, I was about to be in the worst physical pain I had ever experienced. It was ZZZ take-a-date and true to the weirdness of ZZZ we went to a gymnastics facility. People went in like normal civilized humans...
and immediately turned into this.....

They were jumping, climbing, wrestling, flipping, etc. There was a VERY large amount of people and they were everywhere, doing everything.
I however, with a mild and self diagnosed anxiety disorder, hung back and observed the mayhem. I decided to do a cartwheel... oh what a mistake. 
I was successful.... at first. So I took to the widened balance beam. Success. I moved to the narrow balance beam a mere foot from the ground. Success. Then higher. Success. Higher. Success. 

Then came the voice of the man I thought I loved. 

Aaron: You've done it already, now do the tallest one!

Me: I can't, I'm too nervous. If I fall from here I could break something!

Aaron: It's all in your head. Do it!

Me: Okay, one more time!

It was like that moment in the Olympics when the favorited gymnast falls and everybody gasps.... only it wasn't anything like that because I'm not an Olympic gymnast (something made very clear to me after this night) and instead of gasps, I heard laughter. I, mortified and in unspeakable pain, tried to laugh it off and hobbled to the restroom to find this.....

Sooooo yeeeeah. 

I look like the girl from "A League of Their Own"... anybody? 

And that is how I became scarred both physically and mentally. And how I learned that the best advise doesn't come from deranged monkey people in a gymnastics place. 

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