Sunday, March 11, 2012

Because Forrest Gump is the longest movie in the history of the world (aside from Benjamin Button)

I'm going to update my blog.

It's that time! Now usually when I tell you that I'm going to do a picture dump I can practically hear the groaning. Lucky for you these pics are actually interesting. I'm not even going to explain them so just enjoy. So buckle up... unless you aren't in the car in which case buckling up is probably unnecessary.... unless you're so distraught by the subject of this post that you are going to receive electroshock therapy... in which case you should probably buckle up... unless you have issues with claustrophobia in which case you SHOULD NOT buckle up....unless you're getting ready to go two-stepping, in which case you should probably buckle up.

 That was painful enough. Now back to whatever you were doing... unless you were watching Tree of Life, in which case, I probably don't even have to tell you... just stop and eject it now.

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