Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm only gonna say this once...

and that is,

I love

You may now commence the mocking.

Now shut up.

In four days I am going to the midnight showing of HP7 (part 1) and it will be amazing... and there will be people dressed in robes..... and we will talk about how different the movies are from the books....and we will, on more than one occasion, thank J.K. Rowling.....and our minds will be blown that one person thought up this entire story and took 10 years to write it.....and when the WB sign comes on the screen and Hedwig's Theme starts playing there will be squeals of excitement followed by loud shushing and awestruck silence.

And then... in July, for part 2, we will do it again... and though Harry will live forever in our hearts, his story will finally be complete.

(imagine me saying this standing behind a podium in front of a large crowd with inspirational music playing softly in the background)

Now you may re-commence the mocking.

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