Sunday, September 9, 2012

Here comes me

That's right, you heard it here first folks... Actually you probably heard it first from my mom's pinterest page which is very suggestive of the fact that I am now engaged.

I know what you're thinking... does this mean Kayla's blog is going to stop being amazing? If you weren't thinking that, you either have faith in me or you didn't think I was amazing to begin with.... which if we are honest, is more likely the case.

So here I am, in engaged bliss just soaking up the.....the.... I don't know. Everything seems pretty much the same aside from the giant ball of unplann-ed-ness that's now hovering precariously overhead (and the slight panic I have anytime I forget I took my ring off and now I'm suddenly overcome with a collapsing fear that I lost it). This is not to say that I'm not excited (because I am!!!!!!!!) but what with preparing for graduation, looking for work for next semester, and applying to grad school, I'm just a tad busy. That's okay though because I'm pretty sure my mom doesn't want the wedding to be a disaster so I've devised a plan (stolen from Ray Barone).

Anytime decisions must be made, I'm going to make them poorly.

Mom: What type of flowers Kayla?
Me: I was thinking of a few corpse flowers

Mom: Maybe we'll just do some peonies and roses.

Mom: What about colors or bridesmaid dresses?
Me: I'm leaning towards orange and camo

Mom: Maybe I'll look around for something a little prettier

Mom: Groomsmen?
Me: Kilts?
Mom: Music?
Me: Yeezy?

Mom: Food?
Me: Potluck?
Mom: Cake?
Me: Nah

I don't imagine I'll make my way through that entire list before she plans the whole thing for us. Let's just keep our fingers crossed eh?

Is there an opposite of bridezilla? I'm so NOT in control that everybody will hate me by the end of it just as they would have had I been demanding things such as uniform chili-bowl haircuts among all wedding party members, which now that I think about it would promote a nice sense of symmetry on stage.

All of this being said, please don't leave thinking I'm not excited for what is to come. I've been blessed with a  guy who puts up with the social awkwardness and sarcasm that usually drives others away... and that is not something I take for granted.

I'm in love I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!

Stay tuned for more because I already have my next post planned. It's not about weddings so don't be deterred if you are a dude.

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