Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Geniuses.. Geni?... No it's definitely geniuses.. right?

My family is made of pure genius. I say this because their response to getting a call at 11PM the night before we fly home from vacation saying our flight was cancelled, isn't "I'm writing a strongly worded letter to American Airlines" (well that was one person's response) but rather:

Person 1: "I'm going to pee all over their toilet seats in the airplane bathroom."
Person 2: "Forget the toilet, I'm going directly on my seat."
Person 1: "It's going to be really unfortunate when the plane lands in water and you have to use your now-pee-soaked seat cushion as a flotation device...."

Names were omitted in order to protect the, in this case, guilty.

Also, Kelsey was the genius who suggested the plural form of genius is geni, so in reality my family is made of idioti.... but I love em.


  1. Ooooookay. So much for leaving out names.

  2. And I would like it if you do not use my nickname "Person 1" on the internet