Friday, June 15, 2012

Let's stop pretending Kermit's arms don't move by way of tiny poles, shall we?

Unless you live under a rock, you probably knew that a Muppet movie recently came out (I just looked up the release date and it was apparently last November, so if you are living under a rock, I apologize for judging you). I didn't see it but heard good things. But there is something oddly unnerving to me about the Muppets.

Why won't anybody admit that they aren't real? 
Are they real? 

I'm fairly sure they aren't as they are mostly made of felt and have tiny poles attached to their arms for dexterous purposes. And yes, Jim Henson was a thing (who looked like the love child of the old man with the shovel from Home Alone and Jafar's beggar disguise) and if you wikipedia Kermit/ the Muppets, it does talk about who portrays them... but that's all on the computer my friends. 

When it gets down to real life, the Muppets, are real. 

They have to be. Why else would they appear on SNL and talk shows without anybody mentioning the person hiding under the chair in, what I can only imagine, is a very uncomfortable position?

Come on people.... they have a blooper reel.

This will continue to baffle me.... for forever (can you just say forever or do you have to say for forever? I can never figure this one out)

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