Friday, June 25, 2010

Wisdom teeth

A perfect first example of how my life is weird. I went to the dentist today and guess what? I have five wisdom teeth. Say what? Yeah I know! Go ahead, close that mouth and pick yourself up off of the floor. Five wisdom teeth.

Maybe you're lost so I will fill you in. See those freaky teeth on the edges that are fighting their way in? Well... imagine this picture with another little guy contending for a spot in my mouth. Most people.... like 99%... have four wisdom teeth that for some reason have to come out. I'm all for having mine yanked because I will not let my 8 years of orthodontics including spacers, retainers, braces (two times), etc, lead to any bicuspid or incisor or molar shiftage. That's right these baby's are staying straight even if I have to take them out myself.

Let's see (insert rummaging through toolbox sound) Ahhhhh, there's the pliers...............just kidding.

So, after discussing my options and deciding on an oral surgeon, it was determined that this is the lucky summer I get my FIVE new friends taken out.

The going rate on ebay is about $5 for 4 teeth so I'm thinking I'll get at least seven for the rarity of mine right?

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