Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I tried to be nice and he threatened to break up with me.

Email chain:


Aaron: Hilarious

Me: You're just saying that. You aren't even looking at the pics I bet. The next one I send is going to be a dead puppy and you're going to respond : Hilarious and I'm gonna be all like, "I knew it"

Aaron: Mark Hamill has had a career though, a successful career as a voice actor. He's the joker!

Me: Yeah his CAREER is a joke.

Aaron: You're mean


Aaron: You're about to be riding solo.

Me: Which of these messages made you stop loving me? I only ask so I can go back in time and not send that one. Is it this one?

Aaron: It was the last three.

He then admitted later that the Riding Solo pic was funny... which is true.
I just try and make my Star Wars loving boyfriend happy and he threatens to break up with me.

Speaking of Star Wars.... Get ready for an amazing Star Wars related post.

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