Monday, October 18, 2010

Stuff Blog Readers Like

I am not always proud to call myself a blog reader (and only recently follower....Tara....) because that would mean admitting to wasting hours on the computer reading about other people's lives. But I figure if I am going to admit it, I might as well go big or go home so......

Stuff blog readers like:

1. Pictures.
Don't bother blogging if you're going to include one picture that is the size of my pinky fingernail and then six "click to read more" links because it doesn't all fit on one page. Also.... stop using font that only Thumbelina or the Borrowers could read.... RUDE.

2. Links to other fun websites.
Maybe this is just me but when a blogger links me to another site I love it. Unless of course it's one of those sites where you're watching a car drive along and all of a sudden "BAM" zombie girlin your face. I hate that. I actually don't think I've been linked to that before.

3. Silence.
That's right bloggers, I DO NOT appreciate sitting peacefully in my room, or even more appropriately in the library and forgetting that the blog I am visiting has a playlist. I'm just surfin the web, minding my own business and then.... everybody else in the library is minding my business as some loud 94.9 inspired Christian song starts blaring, and by blaring I mean playing as loud as a laptop will allow for all of my fellow studiers to hear. Not only is it embarrassing but it usually scares me so bad that I let out a very audible "Oh my gosh!" My fingers can't find the mute button fast enough.

4. Puns.
Please, use puns, they are awesome... if you need inspiration (or a really awesome way to kill time), read and be prepared for the best puns of your life.

5. Recipes with pictures.
This kind of goes back to the pictures thing but.... why would I ever make a recipe without seeing a picture first. Also, I think someday we will have the technology to smell through the computer and television. I call it smelevision... it will be awesome (except for foodnetwork that already made you hungry will make you even more hungry [maybe this could go hand in hand with wonkavision so they could teleport the food to you]).

So there you go, these are a few things that blog readers like. Go and do likewise.

Now, I didn't want to violate my own "no picture" rule so I just googled some random pic for your enjoyment!


  1. how do you think Kelsey's landing went in this picture. Looks like it might hurt her biz.

  2. I can only assume it did. She called me and left a disgusted message about how she did not appreciate the picture. When I called her back, she was too tired to remember why she was angry.... don't tell her.