Friday, December 20, 2013

She's here!

Everybody, meet Scout. 

Last Saturday I convinced Aaron to take me to Waco's Mega Pet Adoption event. We walked into the Extraco Event Center and it did NOT smell like it did a month before when we went for the annual library book sale.

I spotted her across the room. She had a sign she had clearly made that was hanging on her cage which read, "will trade love for a good home". She was the craziest looking dog I had ever seen. Like, wouldn't be surprised if she had a shiv hiding under her blanket, crazy. We got her out of her crate (well, to be safe, we had one of the shelter suckers get her out) and she just stood there like this:

Meanwhile, Aaron was pointing wide eyed at every good looking, highly adoptable puppy. I steered him towards Rita (ew) and it was almost love at first sight. There was a lot of "I love how absolutely crazy she looks" going on. Well, we left and returned with reinforcement (Erin and Tyler) and eventually made the decision. 

We went to the shelter the next Monday, were approved for adoption, and were told to visit her everyday until Friday, when we could pick her up. Now she's ours and we are never giving her back ever. 

Currently, I'm watching Aaron literally lead the dog to water. The old saying rings true as she is clearly uninterested in drinking. 

Now enjoy other pictures of our crazy mutt. 

So yes she's scary looking and might eat our faces while we sleep, but she's ours and we love her. 

To come: pictures of Scout with a freshly bathed and brushed coat. 

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