Thursday, April 14, 2011

As promised

I promised I would post a picture of my Frida costume. Unfortunately when it came time to dress up last night I didn't have it in me to go for the unibrow. This aside, the rest of my face looks pretty good sooooo..... yeah.
First I dressed in a very authentic outfit (borrowed from mexican roommate) that really showcased my latina side. But the dress was itchy. And, let's be honest, I would have been sweating the entire time.

SO...... I borrowed my other roommate's shirt and... voilĂ  (ignore that voilĂ  is french):

Needless to say, fui muy bella. And after an unbounded application of mousse and hairspray, my head was very nearly plastic.

Too bad the party was sort of lame and ended up getting shut down.... which is strange since it was likely the only party last night that was alcohol free.


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